UK premiere….(we think!)

Just over a month ago I came across a work by Elliott Carter called Retracing V.  I was completely unaware and absolutely delighted to find this addition to the repertoire.  He wrote it in 2011, just a year before he died, and based it on the trombone solo in his Double Trio.  I have struggled to find anything specifically [...]

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It is fair to say that the predominant brass ensemble is the quintet.  Most composers and arrangers have turned to it at some point and it boasts music by great composers such as Lutoslawski, Tilson Thomas, Henze and Maxwell Davies.  For the last few years Simon Cox has been asking some probing questions as to [...]

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CD release and New Zealand premiere

Over the last couple of months I have been spending time in the recording studio at the HKB in Switzerland putting together my first solo CD.  It will represent a diverse cross-section music, styles and orchestrations, showcasing the beauty and flexibility of the trombone as a solo instrument.  Without wanting to give too much away, [...]

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Arcomis International Brass Event

There is a fantastic brass festival in Cardiff this week.  It runs from Thursday (yesterday) until Sunday and contains some amazing performers, there really is something for everyone: Mnozil Brass, Allen Vizzutti, Harkan Hardenberger to name just a few!  Superbrass are playing a 'Signature Recital' in the St. David's Hall Lounge on Sunday afternoon.  My [...]

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BRIT Awards

There was recently an article in The Independent suggesting that musicians spot mistakes more quickly than non-musicians....not exactly ground-breaking research, but a reminder nevertheless of one of the huge benefits of musical training at an early age. [bsbutton size="small" style="default" icon="none" iconcolor="black" text="The Independent Article" link="http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/musicians-spot-mistakes-more-quickly-and-more-accurately-than-nonmusicians-8849068.html" target="New page"]   The future of our orchestras has [...]

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Brilliant Brass – NZ Radio

Dave Bremner will be a name familiar to many of you (NZSO), be it for his orchestral, solo or brass band playing par excellence.  Arguably one of the busiest brass players in the southern hemisphere, Dave has found time to fit in a radio show entitled Brilliant Brass.  It's definitely worth a listen, featuring some outstanding [...]

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How many people died from the ‘Kama Sutra’?

This is a word of warning for all trombone players out there: if you get booked to play some Frank Zappa, get the music out the library a good few weeks before hand!  At the end of July, the Aurora Orchestra performed The Adventures of Greggery Peccary in a late-night prom and it is fair to say [...]

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