UK Release Date: Dec 2019

Schubert’s Winter Journey

The complete narrative of Schubert’s most famous wanderer, told through the kaleidoscopic voice of the trombone. The instrument’s unparalleled ability for cynical humour and forlorn yearning makes this emotionally powerful work almost palpable.

Winterreise is one of the greatest, most compelling and intense of all vocal song cycles. For the first of his explorations into the world of art song, Matthew Gee has turned to Schubert’s work in this unique arrangement for trombone and piano. English titles are used for the poems to emphasise the fact that text is no longer the primary expressive vehicle here. Instead, it is entrusted to the trombone, an instrument whose vocal qualities and ability to employ glissando, vibrato, portamento and microtonal inflections—allied to the use of various mutes—offers an astonishing array of tonal possibilities.